In My Heart Forever


In My Heart Forever is a children’s rhyming picture book written by Annie Streit, in collaboration with Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, the co-founder of Vera Bradley, that is focused on helping children cope and understand Alzheimer’s disease.


In My Heart Forever

By: Annie Streit and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard


About the Book

Herbie is worried and confused about his grandpa because PawPaw is having trouble remembering things, where he puts things, and, at times, he forgets Herbie’s name. PawPaw has Alzheimer’s disease, but even though he is having trouble with his memory, his heart is still full of love for Herbie.

In My Heart Forever is a story of love, acceptance, and understanding the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Being based on a true story, the love and life lessons are as real as the family themselves. This truly remarkable and inspirational family has an important story to share in order to raise awareness and, hopefully, help others!


About the Author

Annie Streit is a graduate from Ball State University with a degree in Social Studies Education. In My Heart Forever is Streit’s fifth book in her rhyming children’s picture book series. Her friendship with Barbara and their desire to help children understand Alzheimer’s disease are the driving forces behind this collaboration. Streit spends a majority of her time at her lake house in Angola, IN where she enjoys being with friends and family while writing her children’s books.

Barbara Bradley Baekgaard is the co-founder of Vera Bradley, and through her time with the company, she has served as co-president, chief creative officer, and she now is an active Board Member for the company. Friendship and Baekgaard’s philanthropic spirit are what inspired her to create the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, and the loss of her beloved husband, Peer, to Alzheimer’s is what has sparked her desire to raise awareness to this disease. She resides in Indiana and New York City where she loves spending time with family and friends

(2023, hardback, 30 pages)

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